Make Your Office Smart Smart Office Solutions Guide

Make Your Office Smart

Technology is advancing at incredible speeds, designed to make our lives easier, more efficient and more productive at As our article centred on smart office solutions notes, homeworkers can make their office smarter by adopting to smart technology, such as the Belkin Instant Switch, designed to monitor energy usage and control electronics in an office, and Google Cloud Print, which allows users to print from any device using the Google Cloud Print technology.

Consider Color Carefully

Research shows specific color triggers certain responses, which can have a direct impact on our mood, well being and productiveness. Homeworkers should therefore carefully consider the color scheme of their home at

Conducting research to understand the psychology of color, so the color of your office can positively affect working behavior, would be a shrewd move when setting up a home office.

It is also a good idea to color coordinate a home office to help enhance the organizational structure of the work space at


Hang Artwork on the Walls

We all need some inspiration at, especially when at work, and as homeworkers often can’t rely on human contact for inspiration, it’s a good idea to introduce artwork and other inspiring features into the design of the home

“A colorful print lives in my office, a gift from a client, and it reminds me of her business and talent when I’m feeling stuck or just tired of being indoors.” Find some artwork you like and give it a place of honor in your”